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What makes our star wars force collection shop unique?

The Easy Way

Buy a card from the “Shop” located top right. After you’ve made the payment and succeeded you can download a .txt file containing the login information for the card you’ve bought.

PayPal & creditcard

We accept PayPal Payments, online and offline. And accept Credit Card

Response within 24 hours

Did you contact us? We promise to respond within 24 hours time! Ask us about anything we’re happy to assist you.

What do we offer

Cheap star wars force collection cards

Looking for cheap SWFC cards? This is the place to get them. We are user friendly and accept PayPal payment. We love to help our customers and maintain theire happyness. But the best part we need you to become stronger on SWFC and kick ass.

  • Cheap Cards

    Cheapest swfc cards

  • User-Friendly

    Easy and fast delivery

  • Discounts

    Each card added in your cart gives even more discount!

  • Updates

    Stock updates atleast once per 2 days!


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Star Wars Force Collection updates

Maintenance - New cards delayed for a little while to see if they're good to go again.